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Sketch Paper Counting Machine

Sketch Paper Counting Machine

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Sketch paper counting machine


1. The paper counting machine is a high-tech product we committed to develop, which is an intelligent device that can automatically complete paper counting and paper insertion. With superior performance,it has a 5.6-inch color screen computer, intuitive and simple user-machine interface and adopts imported servo motor control the main motor.

2. Any kind and any thickness of paper within the parameter range can be precise and high-speed counting. Special paper depending on the actual situation.

3.The paper counting machine is rich in features to meet the needs of different users, in addition to the standard paper counting mode, there is the random paper label insert function,which can nark for different quantity of paper. It can edit and save 99 program groups, each program group can edit a different number of papers;

The paper quantity detection function is for the check whether the predetermined number and actual number matches or not;

The specified number counting function is for sorting out the required number of paper from the paper-pile.

4.Auto-diagnostic function.The operator can know .from a clear error message displays on the platform which shows whether the machine fault is caused by their own operating mistakes, or the machine itself abnormal operating conditions.

5. It has a paper label fast changing structure.

6.Stainless steel table with large number of air cushion structure paper easy and convenient


The structure of computer system and operation panel


Front structure of the paper pressing unit


Side structure of the paper sucking unit


Side view of the Japan Fuji motor unit


Side structure of the label feeding unit


Front structure of the label cutting unit


Using Omron infrared sensor to sensing label


Using Omron limit sensor


Japan Orion vacuum pump (Optional)


Using Japanese original NSK bearing

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