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Printer Specific Classification
Jul 06, 2018

Printer press Data transmission methods can be divided into two types: serial printers and parallel printers.

According to the working principle of the printer, the printer is divided into two types: hit type and non-hit type.

String dot matrix character non-impact printers There are two main types of inkjet and thermal printers. 1 inkjet printer. The most widely used printer. The basic principle is that the charged inkjet mist point is directly deflected on the paper to form the desired glyph after being deflected by the electrode. The advantage is that the dots that make up characters and images are much smaller than the dot matrix printers.

Therefore, the resolution of the character point is high, and the printing quality is high and clear. Flexible and convenient to change character sizes and fonts. Plain paper is used for printing, and this typewriter can also be used to print directly on certain products. There is no mechanical wear during the formation of characters and graphics, and the printing energy consumption is small. Print speeds up to 500 characters per second. Widely used are charge control type (high pressure type) and random ink jet type (negative pressure type) inkjet technology, and dry inkjet printing technology has appeared. 2 thermal printers.

The heat generated by the pulse current flowing through the resistance of the print head is transferred to the thermal paper to be thermally discolored, thereby printing characters and images. The main features are no noise, light and small structure, and clear printing. The disadvantage is that the speed is slow and the writing is poor.