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Printer Application
Jul 06, 2018

Dot matrix printer

Needle printers have played an important role in printer history for a long time, from 9 to 24 pins. It can be said that the history of dot matrix printers has been running through these decades. The reason why the dot matrix printer can be popular for a long time is inseparable from its extremely low printing cost and good ease of use, as well as the special use of document printing. Of course, its low print quality and large working noise are also the root of its inability to adapt to high-quality, high-speed commercial printing needs, so it is now only available in banks, supermarkets, and other places for ticket printing. You can see its trail.

laser printer

Laser printers are a new product of high-tech development. They are also a model that is expected to replace inkjet printers. They are divided into black and white and color, which provide us with higher quality, faster and lower cost printing. the way. Among them, the price of low-end black-and-white laser printers has dropped to several hundred yuan, reaching a level acceptable to ordinary users. Its printing principle is to use a raster image processor to generate a bitmap of the page to be printed, and then convert it into an electrical signal and a series of pulses sent to the laser emitter. Under the control of this series of pulses, the laser is regularly release

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