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Paper cutter working principle
Jul 06, 2018

The operation of the paper cutter is relatively simple and the environmental requirements are not high. It is usually operated by a power supply in a general office. The general paper cutter has an automatic switching system. As long as the paper is in the person who is in the person, the paper cutter will automatically rotate to cut the paper. Some paper cutters need to press the start button, and the cutter will rotate to continue cutting. When the shredded paper is finished, press the stop/reverse button to stop the cutter.

Before shredding, check the documents to be broken for hard objects such as paper clips and staples. If it is, it should be removed and then put into the paper mouth, otherwise the tool may be damaged. When using the paper cutter, you should pay attention to the paper that is not too much stuffed, especially the paper with better quality. Pay more attention when using it to avoid paper jam. When the paper is placed, try not to be skewed. Place the paper in the center of the paper feed as much as possible.

For early products, if a paper jam occurs during use, press the back button or the stop button to enable the chip to continue to be used. Most of the paper cutters are equipped with overload power-off protection devices, which will automatically stop when the motor is overloaded and heated. At this time, stop using 20 to 30 minutes to cool the motor. At the same time, you should consider reducing the amount of some input paper when you use it again. The more advanced paper cutter will automatically stop and automatically withdraw the paper once it is overloaded, which is more convenient to use. When the box of the paper cutter is full, some machines will automatically emit a sound to remind people to clear the paper scraps in time.

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