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Paper cutter technical performance
Jul 06, 2018

Mainly in the cutting precision of the paper cutter, precision retention, quality stability, ease of operation and safety.

There is a certain gap between the technical level of domestic paper cutters and international advanced countries. The main performances are as follows:

1 The control system is relatively backward, lacking automatic detection device. From the perspective of the control system, China has just started to use PLC, while foreign countries have adopted full-line computer control, using computer control, using computer to monitor and adjust each execution component, and can be preset Parameters and automatic adjustments under computer control greatly reduce auxiliary time and ensure reliable operation.

2 The complete set is poor, domestic paper cutters are rarely equipped with peripheral equipment, namely: cutting production line.

3 There is a certain gap between the appearance and ease of use. However, through the efforts of domestic paper cutter manufacturers in recent years, the gap between domestic paper cutters and foreign products is rapidly shrinking, and some technologies are even at the leading level. Foreign countries are basically color microcomputer controlled programs, while domestically, digital display is mainly used. Mainly, various mechanical paper cutters lacking safety protection exist and sell in large quantities. Microcomputer-controlled paper cutters are the development trend of paper cutters, and are cutting papers of other control methods with a relatively large speed.

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